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HG228 Pipe Opening Machine Line

We are the professional tube mill machine line supplier.

During debugging the tube mill line, nomally, you will have some waste pipes.

Some customer wanna protect the environment, they have a demand for a new machine to process with these waste pipes


With the new requirement, we published a new pipe equipment

- The pipe opening machine line

1, Original raw material is the steel pipe

2, Put the steel pipe into plasma cutting machine to open it with a seam

3, Put the pipe into the machine device with hydraulic pushing, with rollling process

4, The mill(Machine) rolling the broken pipe into flat strips.

5, If customer need, we also provide the simple type of slitting device

6, Slitting device can make the strips in to small bars. 


Open pipe machine is the easy operation equipment for broke the pipe, and pressed into tablet, and slitting to strips.